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What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is a protective paintwork treatment. It provides excellent protection from environmental fallout such as bird droppings, tree sap and road grime. Ceramic Pro has excellent resistance to cleaning chemicals, high temperatures and UV.

Ceramic Pro offers exceptional durability when compared to the older style waxes and sealants. It’s hydrophobic ability also makes washing your car easier.


How do you apply Ceramic Pro to my vehicle?

Ceramic Pro is applied by hand after cleaning, decontaminating and polishing the paintwork. We use a special applicator pad  to apply it one panel at a time. Ceramic Pro cures at room temperature over the next few hours.


How long does the Ceramic Pro treatment last?

Ceramic Pro forms a long lasting chemical bond with the paintwork of your car. Actual durability will vary depending on the types of conditions encountered by each particular vehicle and how well the vehicle is maintained by it’s owner.

Ceramic Pro’s excellent chemical resistance means it will not be easily washed away by cleaning chemicals like some other products on the market.

Good maintenance such as regular washing is recommended for the best performance and durability of Ceramic Pro.

Neglect, such as failure to wash the vehicle regularly, abrasive washing and cleaning with unsuitable implements or brushes at automatic car washes and the use of abrasive polishes will reduce the performance and durability of the treatment.

We are always more than happy to help with advice about the best way to look after your car’s paintwork and stock a variety of car care products which you can purchase from our workshop or our Online Store


Will Ceramic Pro offer protection from scratches and stone chips?

No, Ceramic Pro, along with other chemically applied treatments on the market does not offer protection from scratches and stone chips.


Will Ceramic Pro offer protection from water spotting?

No, Ceramic Pro does not offer protection against water spotting. Mineral deposits such as calcium in bore or scheme water left behind as the water evaporates may cause water spotting.

Substances like cement or limestone dust which becomes wet during light rain may also cause water spotting.

You should always remove bore and scheme water which may contain minerals before it has a chance to dry.


Why does the car manufacturer not apply products like Ceramic Pro at the factory?

Fresh paint should not have protective treatments applied to it for 30 days which makes application unsuitable for a production line situation. Protective treatments are applied by hand which is time consuming and also not suited to a fast moving production line.


Does Ceramic Pro come with a paint protection warranty?

Yes, when applied to passenger cars within 5 years of manufacture Ceramic Pro comes with a Nationwide Warranty* which is provided by Nanoshine Australia.

*Subject to terms and conditions which can be found here




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